Prolimbic29® (30 count)

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Prolimbic 29® is a physician-formulated combination of six natural ingredients to help support healthy cognitive function and brain processes associated with memory and mental energy.* This product was specifically designed to help customers naturally improve their mental energy levels and beat brain fog. Raises BDNF levels*.

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Think More Clearly. Remember More. Prolimbic 29® is a physician-formulated combination of six natural ingredients to help support healthy cognitive function and brain processes associated with memory and mental energy*.

Prolimbic 29® is a combination of nutrients specifically designed to support the production of neurotransmitters associated with memory, cognition, and attention*. NeuroFactor™ – a clinically-studied ingredient derived from whole coffee fruit – is added to this formula for powerful antioxidant capacity to help fight free radical stress and raise BDNF levels in the brain*. In 2 human studies, NeuroFactor™ was clinically shown to raise BDNF levels by 143%.

What is NeuroFactor™?

  • Patented, coffee fruit extract derived from premium, organic Arabica coffee cherries.
  • Standardized to 40% chlorogenic acid.
  • Novel, natural botanical extract that significantly increases BDNF levels, a key neuroprotein vital to learning, memory and higher thinking.
  • Supported by 2 published clinical studies.

CLINICALLY SHOWN TO RAISE BDNF LEVELS. In addition to other important ingredients, Prolimbic 29® contains a patented, clinically-studied ingredient called NeuroFactor™. Derived from whole coffee fruit, NeuroFactor™ has been shown in two human clinical studies to raise BDNF levels up to 143%*. BDNF stands for brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and is a protein responsible for the development and protection of nerve cells in the central and peripheral nervous system.

NON-HABIT FORMING, ONCE DAILY DOSE. Prolimbic 29® is safe for daily use by adults of all ages, without the risk of dependency or adverse side effects commonly associated with stimulants*.


NeuroFactor™ products are protected by US patents 6572915, 7754263, 7807205, 7815959, 8597710, 8603563, and 8603564, issued foreign patents, and pending US and foreign applications.

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Additional information

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Adult Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health






Acteylcholine, Catecholamines, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine


Energy, Focus & Attention, Memory & Cognition, Mental Performance

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Prolimbic29® (30 count)

  1. Thomas Cruikshank

    Works as described. I’m very happy with the results. I feel more awake and less disorganized. Within 90 minutes, I feel slightly more awake. I have been able to cut back on my coffee drinking.

  2. Brad Foster

    My father has early onset dementia. He has been taking Prolimbic 29 for 2 weeks and this product is working well for him.

  3. Jordan Baker

    Prolimbic29 is great! I was surprised that it worked on the first dose. The supplement continues to help me with clarity and focus each day. There are not many supplements on the market that raise BDNF levels, so this is the solution I’ve been looking for.

  4. Joan Maxell

    Both my husband and I take it daily. Works much better than prevagen. we will continue to subscribe. Thank you.

  5. Dorris Parsons

    Happy customer. Thank you.

  6. Becky Berkemeyer

    Doctor recommended, have been taking them for a few weeks . I believe I am starting to already notice a difference, but not sure yet. No side effects. I will continue it.

  7. Darin Collins

    NICE PRODUCT! I stack this with Balance D and take them both in the morning with my coffee. Great mental boost. Please allow customers to subscribe and save to both products together.

  8. Don Sheaffer

    I am happy to report that this has lived up to its expectations.

  9. Justin S.

    I felt more awake at first, but now I’m not so sure.

  10. Cassie F.

    Good product. Please allow a monthly subscription feature.

  11. Judith Pilston

    LOVE THIS!!! I take other supplements so I am happy it’s only one pill a day.

  12. Elizabeth V.

    Nice label design and beautiful packaging. Just got mine today. I will let you know how I feel in a few days!

  13. Jill Rowland

    I expected that it would take a while before I would notice a change. Not so for me. Within a few days I became more focused and in the moment. I highly recommend this product!

  14. Liz F.

    Thank you for all the great work you are doing Dr. Balencic. Prolimbic is really helping me. I will continue to buy it. God Bless you

  15. Jed Rutledge

    I’m 38 years old and I own my own business. I’m also married with 3 children. Life is crazy. Prolimbic29 helps improve my energy levels so I get the most out of work and be a better father at home.

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