This Keeps Your Brain Sharper, Even if You Have Dementia

It’s never too early or too late to exercise to keep your brain sharper.

A 20-year study found:

  • The more physically active you are, the better your thinking and memory skills will be, even if you have dementia.
  • Just a marginal boost in physical activity has the potential to reduce the chances of dementia by a whopping 31%.
  • Those who exercised or even just moved around more had clearer thinking right up to just before the time they died.
  • For every increase in motor ability by one standard deviation, participants were 55% less likely to develop dementia.

Thinking clearly, even if you have dementia, matters to us all. This new evidence is encouraging because it gives us a free, enjoyable way to help us maintain our own cognitive health, says Jordan Balencic, DO, primary care physician and CEO of ERApeutics®.

“This isn’t the first study to remind us that exercise helps keep us alert and sharp. I encourage everyone to remember that moving instead of sitting too much really matters. This study shows that, even if you have dementia, you will benefit from exercise, and that’s exciting as well as hopeful,” said Dr. Balencic.

“One limitation of this study is that researchers had no data about how active participants were before they became part of the study. It would be interesting to know if physical activity in early life also played a role in mental clarity as they aged, as I suspect it does,” said Dr. Balencic. “My product, Prolimbic 29® for brain health, supports mental clarity and it can be taken by anyone age 12 and over. So, in addition to exercise, I also recommend Prolimbic 29® as a safe, natural way to support long-term, healthy cognition,” he added.

Clearly, the best advice I can give you at any age is to stay active,” says Dr. Balencic. “My family enjoys hiking together, and the beautiful scenery along the trails is a nice bonus.”

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